Recruiting Process

GTS Clients benefit from a regimented, high-touch, recruiting process that utilizes a high-quality, disciplined and personal approach to sourcing, validating and matching candidates to the requirements of our Clients. Our recruiting model ensures our technical recruiters have developed the interview and assessment skills needed to become experts in both the technical skills needed to be successful in a particular job, and the intangible skills also critical to the success of a candidate.


Each and every time we engage with a candidate, GTS utilizes an 9-step sourcing, interviewing and submission process where the candidate’s technical skills and customer service skills are thoroughly examined.


Building the Bench

Step 1: Building the Bench

There is a fine line between balancing “speed” and “quality”, therefore we proactively apply our recruiting process to IT talent in a number of job categories in order to build a bench of prequalified candidates. By continuously establishing relationships in various skill categories, we are able to deliver the best candidates in the market, not just those that are currently looking for work.




Step 2: Sourcing

In conjunction with all of the industry standard technologies and tools, GTS utilizes variety of other techniques to source the best candidates for our Clients. We also utilize a comprehensive applicant tracking system to measure and monitor all of our activities while building a database of prequalified candidates.




Step 3: Screening

GTS technical recruiters complete a phone interview with all prospective candidates to assess phone presentation skills, confidence and overall verbal communications ability.




Step 4: Face-to-Face GTS Interview

As required by the Client, we will conduct a face-to-face interview to further explore a candidate’s personal presentation, background, experience, technical knowledge, expectations and career goals, while also allowing us to share the benefits that are available to them as a GTS employee.



Checking References

Step 5: Checking References

Once the face-to-face interview is completed, GTS completes two technical references for each candidate. References may only be former managers and/or team leaders.



Assessing Skills

Step 6: Assessing Skills

As required based on the job requisition and at the request of the Client, GTS will administer an on-line technical skills assessment test and provide the results of that assessment to the Client.



Clients Submittal

Step 7: Client Submittal

Once GTS has determined the candidate is a match with the job requirements and all other quality controls have been met to GTS’ satisfaction, the candidate will be presented to the Client. The GTS submission highlights a part of our process that is unique in our industry. Because of our attention to detail, we highlight valuable facts and findings which are typically not available in the resume of a candidate.



Background Check & Drug Screen

Step 8: Background Check & Drug Screen

Once a candidate has been confirmed to start with our Client, GTS completes a thorough background check and drug screen as required by the Client.



Candidate Care

Step 9: Candidate Care

At GTS, the recruiting process is never over. Even though the candidate and Client are successfully working together, GTS maintains accountability to the Client AND to the consultant. There are numerous opportunities in the IT market and at GTS, we work hard to show our staff and consultants that we care about the longevity of each and every relationship.



Creating incremental differentiation in the sourcing and recruiting process is very difficult, however GTS believes that a high-quality, disciplined and personal approach will yield the best combination of speed and quality, while ensuring that our Clients receive the best IT talent in the market. GTS is proud of our recruiting process and our continued success in working with the highest quality candidates. This process combined with our ongoing Candidate Care initiative has helped to keep GTS consultant turnover rates well below the industry average.