IT Staffing

At the core, GTS excels in building, assessing and understanding relationships within technology departments for global, national and local companies. Our innate ability to maximize technology resource outcomes for our Clients is unmatched in our space. Although IT Staffing has become a business where many organizations are part of the “thundering herd”, GTS continues to differentiate itself and runs ahead of the pack. The service we provide to our Clients combines the unique elements of our executive leadership, our recruiting process, and our candidate care.┬áProviding IT Staffing services to our Clients at a level that far and away exceeds expectations is what we do best; and our Clients agree.



Our IT Staffing services are delivered to our Clients in three forms:

  1. Staff Augmentation: GTS supports your internal staff with short or long term resources specializing in the technology, business area, or role needed within your environment.
  2. Contract-to-Hire: With the intent of hiring an individual as your employee after a pre-determined period, GTS will source, recruit and on-board the desired person with a transition period acceptable to any business.
  3. Direct Hire: GTS supports the hiring needs of companies that prefer to hire individuals to be a part of their team from the beginning. GTS will locate, select and help secure the best talent that will immediately become employees of our Clients.