IT Infrastructure

GTS has successfully implemented IT infrastructure consulting initiatives both as a managed project and as a blended staffing model consisting of Client and GTS resources. Our project-based IT Infrastructure Solutions are designed to ensure a timely evolution of our Client’s end-user computing and application platforms. GTS will manage the design, implementation and post-rollout testing to make certain there are no operational disruptions to our Client’s business and technology environment, while also providing functional expertise specific to our Client’s industry.


Our project-based IT Infrastructure Solutions are organized into the following areas:


  1. PC/Desktop Technology Lifecycle Services: Manage the refresh and replacement of end-user PC/Desktop, Laptop and PDA technology.
  2. Desktop & Network Technology Migration ServicesManage the network upgrade and physical movement of end-user computing devices and/or the comprehensive computing platform migration to new computing standards.
  3. Service Desk On-Site Outsourcing: Design and implement an on-site outsourced technology Service Center or traditional Help Desk. Outsourcing can be a blended model between the Client’s full-time staff and outsourced GTS staff to ensure rapid and flexible scaling of resources in either direction depending on Help Desk demand.


If your technology infrastructure is in a state of flux, is unstable, or is experiencing unmanageable turnover, contact us for a free infrastructure assessment.