Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics staffing and consulting services are designed to unlock the full potential of our clients’ structured and unstructured data. GTS provides its clients with a wide variety of Big Data talent to manage the identification and execution of objective querying, measurements, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Our extensive experience moving and consolidating data, automating data aggregation, mining data for intelligence, running predictive models, and conveying actionable insight helps our clients eliminate costs, increase efficiency, and cultivate insight that can advance businesses.


Our Data Analytics capabilities include:


  • Data Warehousing – Compiling data marts from a variety of organizational sources that feed into a single repository for simplified and improved future reporting.
  • Data Mining – Identifying new patterns and trends from large data sources by using statistical comparisons and machine learning strategies.
  • Data Visualization – Generating accurate projections from complex and colossal data sets, presenting them in clear visualizations that reveal distinct actions.
  • Business Intelligence – Establishing long-term reporting processes and incorporating powerful, self-service reporting platforms that analysts, managers, and executives use to make informed decisions.
  • Big Data – Leveraging massive and complex data sets that defy traditional analytical conventions, using new data management strategies, machine learning, and cognitive computing to achieve clear insight from complicated sources.
  • Reporting – Designing and programming dashboards that develop automated and on-demand reports using all the industry leading Big Data reporting tools such as Business Objects, Tableau, Cognos, Crystal Reports, Qlikview, and more.
  • ETL – Designing and programming data extraction, translating and loading routines to integrate disparate datasets and provide our clients with an integrated/automated approach to understanding trends within their data.
  • Data Analysis & Quality – Delivering a wide variety of data-related functions such as data validation, quality control, field mapping, import/export routines, and more.


GTS data analytics consultants and contractors have successfully filled a number of Big Data positions for clients across all industries, such as: BI Developer, ETL Developer, ETL Architect, BI Analyst, BI Reports Developer, Data Architect, Data Modeler, Data Analyst, DB Developer, SQL Developer, DB Administrator, Data Analyst, BI Architect, and Reporting Analyst.


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