Community Involvement

GTS believes that giving back to the IT community as a whole is a core attribute of our culture, an honor, and a corporate responsibility. In 2009, following the acquisition of GTS, the Linden family significantly expanded the relationship with i.c.stars, by becoming an annual financial sponsor. The responsibilities of a financial sponsor are significant, which entails supporting the staffing and recruiting of i.c.stars graduates, volunteering in various capacities, and serving on both the Development Committee and Board of Directors. Our foundation of contributing to i.c.stars is just a beginning. As we continue to grow and expand across North America, our strategy encompasses community involvement with the application of leadership in each organization for which we participate.



i. c. stars

i.c.stars is a Chicago-based non-profit organization formed in 1999 to develop 1,000 Community Leaders by 2020.  Adults with a high school diploma or GED participate in an intensive two-year practicum, beginning with a four-month program consisting of project-based learning and full immersion teaching to develop change-driven, future leaders skilled in business and technology.  Our program is grounded in the conviction that the fundamentals necessary to succeed in technology services are the same as those necessary for community leadership. We believe that when young adults focus their talent on both technology services and community impact, their success in both increases significantly.  Learn more at